Thursday, July 19, 2012

Country Jam USA Event Photography | Eau Claire, WI

I love the versatility of photography. In the midst of wedding season, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the Meet & Greets with the fans and celebrities at Country Jam USA. I was also given access to the front of the stage so I could capture some of the action! It was so neat to meet the crew that makes all of the magic happen behind the scenes. I love outdoor music festivals and truly gained a new appreciation for all the work that it takes to create an unforgettable event. Additionally with so many talented and humble artists, I really gained a new appreciation for country music! Truly an amazing group! My only star-struck moment? When Jake Owen asked about my 50mm lens.. a great singer and camera talk? Be still my heart! It was really neat to be able to interact with these stars! If you know me, I do like to joke around! Another moment I won't forget. was when I was teasing the crew that I could lift all the equipment on stage with my "large muscles" and before anyone could laugh or respond, we hear this deep voice say "with those pipe cleaners?" I turned around and there was Trace Atkins with a huge grin on his face! Haha That will teach me to run my mouth! Overall, I will never forget this experience! The following images are some of my favorite from the weekend, enjoy! 

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