Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dallman Wedding | Elmwood, WI

There's something to be said about growing up in a small Wisconsin town. When the nearest Walmart is a half hour away, you really grow a larger sense of community with the neighboring towns! This couldn't be more evident when the big day arrived for the Dallmans. When everyone began to get ready at the church, I realized I knew a majority of the wedding party! It had been a couple of years since I had seen some of these familiar faces and I immediately knew that with this group, we were in store for a very fun day! It was a little cold, but the wedding party didn't show it in the pictures! Thankfully, there was ONE fall-colored tree still up at the church. The right angle and framing made the entire day look filled with the bright colors. How perfect for a wedding with the theme of "Fall in Love"? 

The bridal party stopped at the beautiful Mabel Tainter Theater for a couple of quick pictures. Growing up in the area, I often forget how beautiful rural Wisconsin can be! The location was truly a gem for these images!

Congratulations again to Tonya and Darren! Thanks for letting us be a part of this special memory! 

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